Summer has come to an end in Louisiana

It’s only the middle of August, but down here in Louisiana the summer is already over for most kids. So as we’ve started going back to a normal bedtime routine, doing homework, and packing school lunches, I just wanted to reflect on some of our summer images.

These are the little moments that happen everyday…the little moments that will become some of your fondest memories.

Things like evening rides in the boat with Daddy…

Early morning tee times…

Lazy afternoon naps…

Sharing a popsicle with PawPaw…

Trips to the bottom of the sea…
And then “swimming like a fish” all by yourself…

Learning that your Mom was right when she says you’re too skinny…

And maybe also that it’s pretty cool having a mom that always wants to take your picture, even if you are only wearing your diaper and have a dirty face. 🙂

Capture all of the moments of your children’s lives. Photographs don’t always have to be about pretty dresses and perfect smiles. Every moment is precious, and just like summertime those days will be gone before you know it.


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