A very busy weekend and available sessions update

The past few days have been so busy, and I still have sessions for Sunday. I’m trying not to fall behind, so here’s a sample from what I’ve been doing the last 2 days.

Please scroll to the bottom of the post to see info on available session dates left for this summer!

Thursday night was a session in the NICU with these precious little girl twins.

Friday brought this little cutie in…what do you think she was dreaming about?

And Saturday’s cuties:

So what’s available for the summer if you’re thinking of scheduling a session? June is booked, the only openings I will have left are for a few newborns I am waiting to arrive. July has limited openings, and I anticipate it will be completely booked within the next two weeks at the current rate I am scheduling things.
So that means it’s time to start booking for August! And, holiday session time is just around the corner as well. I suggest everyone schedule their holiday sessions by early-mid September to make sure you are able to get in before the cut off dates. I haven’t set anything in stone just yet, but the schedule will probably be similar to last year, with holiday orders due in by the end of November to guarantee delivery before Christmas. And with an order deadline at the end of November, that means holiday sessions will need to take place by the beginning of November to allow time to get your images proofed and ordered.

Thanks to all my wonderful clients who are keeping me so busy! 🙂


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