Limited Access and Booking Up!

I just wanted to post here that if you have been trying to reach me the past couple days, or will be through the weekend that I will have limited access online. We are in the process of FINALLY getting my home office set up so I am no longer working in the back corner of a junk room, which means my computer keeps getting unhooked and moved around and sometimes I have no desk to sit it on!
We hope to have everything finished in the next couple days, so I can get back to work! In the meantime I feel terrible for the work I am not able to get done. 😦

Also, I wanted to update about open appointments. I am now booked through mid August, so if you are hoping to set something up, I will only be available then, there are no more summer dates available. And it’s crazy to think the kids will already be back in school by then!

I am planning on doing a fall themed mini session in August. I will post more details about that as the time gets closer!


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