I’m IT!?!?

So I was tagged by fellow Louisiana photographer Robin DePaula. Ok…what?!?

Then I figured it out! I’m supposed to spill 8 random facts about myself here for everyone, then tag 8 others to do the same.

I don’t post much personal info here on the blog, but I’m very open with my clients, so these may or may not be new facts to many of you. 🙂

1. I was born and raised, right here in LA. I have never lived elsewhere. I was born at Earl K. Long hospital in Baton Rouge (you could say I was never a rich kid, haha), and grew up in Baton Rouge & Baker before moving to Denham Springs as an adult.

2. I wish I lived in Wyoming. Or some other state with four seasons, mountains, and wide open spaces. I’m a bit of a nerd, but I can actually tear up when looking at photos of that part of the country because I want to be there so badly, it’s just so beautiful. Another odd fact? I’ve never even visited that area of the country. The grass is always greener, eh?

3. I have never flown in an airplane and probably never will. I was plagued with nightmares about planes crashing for years of my life, which probably didn’t help the fear I already had. When I was about 7 or 8, we were at the airport waiting for a friend to land. A pilot saw my mom and I and offered to give me a tour of a “big plane” since I’d never been on one. As soon as we walked in, I started to panic and wanted OFF that thing before it took off with me inside. The pilot assured me it wasn’t going anywhere unless he went up front to fly it, but that wasn’t enough for me. I got out of there!

4. My husband has cancer. He has battled it off and on for the last 3 years, and is just now going back into remission after a very hard year and summer with weeks spent in the hospital.

5. I just turned 30 last month. Yet I feel like I’m 90 most days.

6. I have never worn high heels! I have a pair in my closet right now, my first pair ever that I bought just this summer to have photos made of myself since I was officially becoming “old” this year. I still haven’t made those photos, or worn those shoes. I will be updating the blog about my soon-to-be broken ankle when that time comes though.

7. I have a secret crush on rock star that wears more make up than me (and yes, he’s a guy!). Ok, maybe not a huge secret in my house, but it’s not the kind of thing a 30 year old mom of two who leads a pretty boring/normal life admits to strangers. (notice I still didn’t say WHO it was…maybe that will be a future contest, lol!)

8. 8 is my lucky (or favorite!) number. the end!

Off to think of 8 other people to tag…do I know 8 people!?!?


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