We’re home and trying to catch up

Just updating everyone since I’ve had a few clients email me concerned for my daughter! Thanks to everyone who asked…she is home now, and I am trying my best to dig my way out from under emails and phone calls. I’ve also got a few orders which arrived that need to be packaged up.

She has pneumonia, but was only finally diagnosed today when we followed up with her pediatrician. I could write a novel about the poor experience we had in the hospital, but I won’t. At least now she is finally being treated, after lingering and getting worse and worse for 4 days. She will see her ped again tomorrow morning for another shot of the wonder drug, as her dad and I call it, and from there the ped will decide what to do. We are hoping we will NOT be returning to the hospital!!

I am going to post some photos from some of the sessions I did last week just before all heck broke loose, so if you’re waiting for a little sneak peek – stay tuned!!!

BTW, I just noticed all of my blog dates are off by a day..this should read the 30th not 31st. So I need to fix that!!


A few from last week

A new baby planner – look at those dimples!!!

One of the funnest 3 year old’s I’ve met in a while – I’d love to see what kind of mischief this little guy and my own 3 year old could get into together because they both have such silly personalities. And oh, the dancing talent!!! I wish I had video of that. 🙂

And part 2 of this pretty senior girl’s session – I posted her outdoor photos a few weeks ago, and Friday we did her studio session.

Quick update if you’re trying to reach me

Home right now for a quick change of clothes and wanted to update anyone who might be waiting on a phone call or email from me.

My little girl had to go to the ER at midnight last night with 105.1 fever, and around 4am they decided to admit her to the hospital. They are still unsure what is going on exactly but are running tests and waiting for cultures from bloodwork. In the meantime, she has to stay there to get her fever under control and she’s on fluids for dehydration. So needless to say, I’ll be hard to reach! I have my phone with me but it’s off so the ringing doesn’t disturb her when she does sleep. I don’t have email access there, but have tried to update everyone who would have had appointments affected by this already – so hopefully I didn’t forget anyone.

If you are trying to set up an appt. or are waiting for proofs to go online, or proofs or orders to come in, please be patient with me. I hope she isn’t there for long, but it might be a couple or a few days….even just 1 day puts me so far behind with work. I’ll try to get caught up as much as I can when I am able to!

thank you.

Twice the cuteness

These little ones turned 1 month old the day of their session. That’s on the older side for trying to do a newborn session, but having been born a little early they were still small, and most importantly, slept GREAT the entire time. Sleeping is always key to a great newborn session!

Mom & Dad have them on a nice schedule, so they were perfectly prepared for their session.  🙂

Sharing my own

It’s so rare that I even take out my camera for snapshots, much less ever set out to take photos on purpose of my own kiddos. Most people think I must have TONS of great photos of my own children, but really, when you do this everyday it’s so easy to not ever want to even think about holding a camera in those short moments of “time off.”

So a few days ago on one of those days when I had no sessions, I set out to do something I’ve been wanting to do for…oh…2 years!  And I was so happy to even have these 10 minutes of cooperation from my little sweetie, even though I knew she was much happier playing tea party than looking at me.

I hope other moms might also consider sessions where we can capture images like this of their children, because to her there was no stress, no show, no fuss or forced smiles. Just playing with her best friend “monkey” on a beautiful day!

Boys boys boys

Recently I shared a few images from the 1 year session of the littlest one of this bunch. Last weekend, I got to photograph him again along with his four handsome older brothers and parents.

I was so lucky, because these are the best behaved guys!

And a cute one I liked…

Holiday Mini Sessions – last call!

We are in the last weeks of holiday photos now, and it’s only October!

Because of the deadlines I’ve set in place to guarantee photos are back in time for the holidays, holiday sessions must take place by November 4th. Right now, the only dates remaining for sessions are during my holiday mini sessions, which will take place Nov. 1st-3rd.

The holiday mini session will have a $40 session fee, and special portrait collections (that include holiday cards!) start at just $150. There are only a few openings left for this event, so please book as soon as possible if you still haven’t booked your holiday session!

Here is what the backdrop will look like for the holiday mini sessions:

Those lovely models are thanks to Sweet Peas, which is a children’s boutique located on Hwy 16 in Watson, La. (just north of Denham Springs).

Today we shot some photos for their upcoming ads in Parents Magazine. I can’t say enough about the wonderful things they have in their boutique. They carry some of the nicest European children’s clothing brands – brands you won’t find anywhere else in this area!  And their holiday clothing is to die for, so please stop in and shop there sometime!

Here are a couple more shots of the models, be looking for them in Parents soon!

I never do this..

..that is share *more* photos from a session after I’ve already posted a few here at the blog. But I couldn’t help it. As I was finishing up the editing work on their session tonight, these two images jumped out at me.

I do so many newborn sessions, and often times the new parents are (rightfully) exhausted as they try to adjust to their new life, or maybe they’re just a little too stressed over the session itself to really sit back and enjoy everything. But this couple was completely comfy with their little one in front of the camera, and you can just feel the love (awwwww) between them when you see these photos.

And here’s a few from two other recent sessions. 🙂

This little girl was a funny character, and she is just beautiful. She has the prettiest eyes, and her brother sports the cutest dimples when you get him laughing.

And another newborn – this little guy was determined not to miss anything at his session, and didn’t sleep for more than a few seconds here and there. And even then, I think he was playing possum!