I never do this..

..that is share *more* photos from a session after I’ve already posted a few here at the blog. But I couldn’t help it. As I was finishing up the editing work on their session tonight, these two images jumped out at me.

I do so many newborn sessions, and often times the new parents are (rightfully) exhausted as they try to adjust to their new life, or maybe they’re just a little too stressed over the session itself to really sit back and enjoy everything. But this couple was completely comfy with their little one in front of the camera, and you can just feel the love (awwwww) between them when you see these photos.

And here’s a few from two other recent sessions. 🙂

This little girl was a funny character, and she is just beautiful. She has the prettiest eyes, and her brother sports the cutest dimples when you get him laughing.

And another newborn – this little guy was determined not to miss anything at his session, and didn’t sleep for more than a few seconds here and there. And even then, I think he was playing possum!


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