Quick update if you’re trying to reach me

Home right now for a quick change of clothes and wanted to update anyone who might be waiting on a phone call or email from me.

My little girl had to go to the ER at midnight last night with 105.1 fever, and around 4am they decided to admit her to the hospital. They are still unsure what is going on exactly but are running tests and waiting for cultures from bloodwork. In the meantime, she has to stay there to get her fever under control and she’s on fluids for dehydration. So needless to say, I’ll be hard to reach! I have my phone with me but it’s off so the ringing doesn’t disturb her when she does sleep. I don’t have email access there, but have tried to update everyone who would have had appointments affected by this already – so hopefully I didn’t forget anyone.

If you are trying to set up an appt. or are waiting for proofs to go online, or proofs or orders to come in, please be patient with me. I hope she isn’t there for long, but it might be a couple or a few days….even just 1 day puts me so far behind with work. I’ll try to get caught up as much as I can when I am able to!

thank you.


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