We’re home and trying to catch up

Just updating everyone since I’ve had a few clients email me concerned for my daughter! Thanks to everyone who asked…she is home now, and I am trying my best to dig my way out from under emails and phone calls. I’ve also got a few orders which arrived that need to be packaged up.

She has pneumonia, but was only finally diagnosed today when we followed up with her pediatrician. I could write a novel about the poor experience we had in the hospital, but I won’t. At least now she is finally being treated, after lingering and getting worse and worse for 4 days. She will see her ped again tomorrow morning for another shot of the wonder drug, as her dad and I call it, and from there the ped will decide what to do. We are hoping we will NOT be returning to the hospital!!

I am going to post some photos from some of the sessions I did last week just before all heck broke loose, so if you’re waiting for a little sneak peek – stay tuned!!!

BTW, I just noticed all of my blog dates are off by a day..this should read the 30th not 31st. So I need to fix that!!


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