One last share, then I’m outta here!

This was a last minute session I did this afternoon. How can anyone resist this cutie?

And now I’m signing off for a while! We’re headed for our first family vacation to Disney World! When I get back I hope to get the new changes rolling along – the website, and maybe even something bigger.  😉


The schedule…

I just wanted to add a little update to the blog to let everyone know how the current schedule is looking.

At this time, I have a couple weekday spots left the last week in February. March is about halfway booked, which means there are still a lot of open weekday slots. The weekends are booked though, with the first available weekend openings being in April.

If you have booked a session in the past few weeks, please make sure you have sent in your session fee, otherwise your spot may be given to someone else. Unfortunately, due to a string of no shows recently I am having to really enforce my policy of requiring the session fee when booking to guarantee your spot.

Also, just another reminder that we will be out of town 2/1 – 2/11. If you need to book an appointment or send in an order during that time, please contact me via email and I will be in touch after we arrive back home.

thanks!  🙂

The weekend

Here are some shots from this weekend’s sessions.

I obviously had a hard time narrowing down what images to share here from this senior session!

And last share I had 1 year boy and girl sessions – this time it’s 4 month old boy & girl sessions.

Little cuties

I have been so busy with seniors lately that sessions with little ones have been few and far between.

So, it was a fun day yesterday with two little 1 year old sessions – I had almost forgotten how much I loved working with the little ones!  This little angel’s giggle was the cutest thing I’d ever heard!!

And what a handsome little guy – such serious little eyes he has.

But there were a few smiles…and monkey noises too!

Recent Seniors

Last weekend was busy with four senior sessions. I am wrapping up the senior sessions for the year within the next month since graduation is nearing!

First, one of my senior reps:

Going out of town soon…

I just wanted to post this in advance to give everyone a heads up! I will be out of town from Feb. 1st – Feb. 10th. I won’t have access to emails, or to my business phone during this time.

If you have a pending order that hasn’t been paid for, or if you haven’t placed an order and are planning to, please send it in soon! All orders placed & paid for by this weekend should be back from the lab in time for me to send them off to you before I leave on 2/1.

If you place an order after this weekend, please be aware that your order will not be available until after I’ve returned.

Back in the saddle again…

This week it was back to work as usual for me. Here is a cutie I’ve photographed for the past year, and this was her 1 year session:

And then another birthday session that recently took place. You might recognize this cutie from my website, I’ve been photographing her since her first birthday and she is now turning 4. And even though she comes to us from nearly 3 hours away, she is my daughter’s best friend, so we did a little session with the two of them to celebrate.

This was our girls during that first session, 3 years ago:

And here they are now!

And our little ballerinas at the studio:

I was hoping to have the new website up by now, but things are progressing s-l-o-w-l-y. Hopefully it will be completed soon…and it will be better than ever!