We’re back!

…and miserable! Really we had a great time, but the entire family now has the flu. It started with my husband our last night on vacation, and after the 12 hour drive home the next day, it was no surprise that all of us would end up with it too. So since returning all I’ve managed to accomplish is taking kids to the doctor, and trying to stay conscious while on cold meds. I have been in a fog for 2 days – no fun!
So for those of you waiting for call backs and returned emails I apologize. It’s coming! I am just trying hard to get out of bed and walk around a little bit right now, and it is frustrating when I know I have so much to catch up on.
And then of course there are the lovely curves we’ve been thrown. I returned home to find my computer completely dead. So I have no access to pretty much everything I need – all of my business files, all of the client images I need to be working on or placing orders for. I am on my back up computer right now, so I can get online but not much other than that. And the day before we left to go out of town I discovered the ceiling in my studio is leaking!!! I have been too sick to even go back by there since returning, so I can only hope my equipment and things there aren’t being ruined since we’ve had so much heavy rain here lately.
So, I hope to update this blog with a little good news soon, but I never like to jump the gun. But I think bigger and better things are coming…so stay tuned. 😉


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