Recent shares, & updates

Just trying to catch up once again on sharing some recent sessions! Some of these are a bit delayed – we’ve had a little bit of a family crises this week with my grandmother and that has gotten me a little behind. I’ll probably be at the hospital most of tomorrow so I may not be reachable by phone.

Also, for those interested in scheduling a session, I only have a few spots left for April, and May is about half way filled. Starting in June I’ll be operating on more limited availability since the kids will be out of school, so if you think you need a summer session please book ahead! 🙂

Here is another last minute senior from last week:

And some others I haven’t had a chance to share yet!


Is it Easter yet?

The month has flown by with how busy I’ve been – I had no idea Easter is just a few days away! It will be summer before I know it. So while I catch up on the days, here’s some recent sessions.

I have to show a few of this girly just because she had the BEST hats!

Some cute baby boys:

Note: the shirt  🙂

And more of my last seniors (I know I know – I keep saying they are almost done!)

Yay, a baby!

It was fun having a new one in the studio again – it’s been several weeks since I got to work with a teeny tiny one.

His sister was a little doll as well, she had to be the best 3 year old I’ve ever had in the studio.

What’s keeping me busy…

seniors! Trying to wrap up the ’08 senior crowd has been what’s kept me busy all week. I’ve also had a few maternity sessions, so there haven’t been many babies around the studio lately (and I miss them!).

Here are some recent sessions:

Some of these seniors have had photos posted here before, but now we’re taking care of their studio sessions!

and some non seniors…

So much to share…

I’ve been so busy (yet again!) that the blog isn’t getting much attention. So it’s catch up time!!

First of all, here is the last little cutie to be photographed in the old studio:

And here’s the first in the new studio!!

I am loving the new space – the extra room to move around and the lovely natural light in some spots is amazing.

Here’s some more sessions from this week in the new place:

(can you tell this white brick wall is a new favorite of mine?)

And here are a couple more seniors!

This one was fun, and completely different from what I usually do with seniors (no urban scenes here!):

If you’re trying to reach me…

I will be getting in touch with you soon! I think I am almost caught up on emails, but I probably have 30 calls to return. Things have been insane, trying to get the new studio to a point where we could move stuff over, then completely emptying the old studio and making the move. My schedule pretty much goes: work, then go to the new studio and work until 10pm. So, it’s so late when I get home each night that returning phone calls is impossible, and there just never seems to be a stopping point during the day to catch up (anyone want a job as a secretary?!?!).

So, if you’re trying to reach me, please try email first! I sit on the computer working until the wee hours of the morning, so emails are easier to return with no worries about what time of day it is that I’m doing it. Also, if you’re contacting me to schedule an appointment, we are scheduling April now. With all of the pending newborns on the schedule for March, I have no more room to squeeze anyone else in this month. Also for seniors, we’re too late for senior sessions at this point, because we wouldn’t have time to have your order in before graduation. But I will start looking for ’09 senior reps soon!

Ok, that’s my update for now – the new studio is looking great and the first sessions there are tomorrow!