If you’re trying to reach me…

I will be getting in touch with you soon! I think I am almost caught up on emails, but I probably have 30 calls to return. Things have been insane, trying to get the new studio to a point where we could move stuff over, then completely emptying the old studio and making the move. My schedule pretty much goes: work, then go to the new studio and work until 10pm. So, it’s so late when I get home each night that returning phone calls is impossible, and there just never seems to be a stopping point during the day to catch up (anyone want a job as a secretary?!?!).

So, if you’re trying to reach me, please try email first! I sit on the computer working until the wee hours of the morning, so emails are easier to return with no worries about what time of day it is that I’m doing it. Also, if you’re contacting me to schedule an appointment, we are scheduling April now. With all of the pending newborns on the schedule for March, I have no more room to squeeze anyone else in this month. Also for seniors, we’re too late for senior sessions at this point, because we wouldn’t have time to have your order in before graduation. But I will start looking for ’09 senior reps soon!

Ok, that’s my update for now – the new studio is looking great and the first sessions there are tomorrow!


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