Catch up time once again!

Last week was crazy. I was sick, my daughter was sick, I had to reschedule sessions because of that, and also try to get ready for out of town guests and my daughters birthday party on Sunday. Ack! I survived, but I’m falling behind from all that’s been going on.

Here are some of the most recent sessions. First, a commercial shoot for a local children’s boutique called Sweet Peas. I think I’ve raved about them before – they really have the best selection of better brands for little ones!

This was our little model, who you will see in the upcoming issue of Expecting Baton Rouge Baby, which is put out by Baton Rouge Parents magazine.

Here she is modeling with some beautiful diaper bags that are available at Sweet Peas:

Another senior for ’08:

And this little cutie came from Texas for her session – no pressure, right? It was great fun meeting her mom, and they also joined us for the party and pre party chaos over the weekend.

The wild bunch the night before the party….gives a whole new meaning to girls gone wild!

And the baby sister to two of the silly redheaded sisters above, I’ve shared her before (since she was still in mama’s tummy!):

And session updates – June is almost full!


I’ll never narrow these down to three

So usually I share 2-3 images from sessions here on the blog to give the parents a sneak peek. But tonight I just can NOT narrow them down to that!

I had two great sessions today. First a newborn at just 4 days old who was a dream – he sleptΒ  so well and was still at that really curly age. It really does make a huge difference when you can photograph them in those first few days.

Next was a sweetie that I last saw at her newborn session, and she’s now 7 months old. This is just such a FUN age to photograph, and she just has the face of a baby doll. I would be happy to photograph 7 month olds every day of the week!

So here are my sessions from today.Β  πŸ™‚


This week has been full of newborns, and there are several more coming in next week. It always seems like newborns come in droves, then I might go a few weeks without a single one. But I love working with them, even though the sessions take a ton of patience (mostly from mom & dad!).

Here’s a little girl, and boy from this past week.

Happy (late) birthday to my baby girl!

My baby turned 4 on Saturday. I can’t believe it – 4 years have flown by so fast!! There hasn’t been a party yet, mama’s too busy working to get her own life organized, but we did manage to take her toy shopping for the day so she could pick out a gift (since mama didn’t have time to do that for her either!).

It’s amazing how excited just a little paper crown can make a 4 year old. So here she is on her big day – hopefully I’ll find some time to photograph her properly before she grows too much more. 😦

Schedule update

Hi everyone – just posting to announce that I am now completely booked for April & May. The next available dates are in June, and I will have a more limited schedule during the summer since both my kiddos will be out of school.

Starting in June and continuing through the end of August, sessions will only be available on Thursday, Saturday & Sunday. Weekend rates will still apply for weekend sessions.

I’m looking forward to slowing down a bit, spending some much needed time with my kids and catching up on the disaster that has befallen my home, haha!

And maybe, just maybe, my website will finally get the makeover it’s been waiting for. πŸ™‚

Serious cuteness

I photographed this little cutie yesterday. Her mom told me she is normally such a giggly baby but she was all business during our session. Maybe there was just too much new stuff to absorb with the location and the crazy lady with the camera in hand – it happens sometimes. We caught a few quick smiles, hopefully some that the grandparents will love.Β  πŸ™‚

Brothers & Sisters

The last three sessions I’ve had have all been pairs of brothers & sisters. It’s always fun seeing how siblings get along (or don’t at times!). You just never know what you’re in store for. πŸ™‚