So this is seriously the last of the ’08 seniors – but now it’s almost time for ’09 senior season to begin!

And a couple more little cuties – both of these babies had the kind of thighs you can’t help but squeeze!


What a wild week

Well this week didn’t exactly go as planned. With last minute cancellations, reschedules and then of course the INSANE weather, I am trying to get back on track.

Wednesday was wild weather day up here in Watson where I live. A tornado touched down a few streets away, and it seems like many of our neighbors suffered the same damage as we did like water leaking into the house from the roof, roof damage, and water coming in under the walls as well. We were without power from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning and the area still looks like a war zone. The kids are out of school still since it seems their schools are still without power and were damaged. And to think, they are supposed to be done on Tuesday, but I have a feeling now they’ll be making those days up.

So here are a few recent sessions. The first two are newborns from yesterday, and I’m sure I looked like death warmed over during their sessions after going through a night with no sleep! But luckily the babies slept like little angels which always makes my job so much easier.  🙂

First the “smiley” little angel. He smiled over and over again, just too sweet!

and one more because his smile is so precious:

And the other little guy from yesterday, look at that pretty little pouty mouth he has!

This newborn girl was from last week:

And then a little guy that I photographed as a newborn – 2 years ago. He’s a lot harder to catch now!  🙂

Summer is filling up fast

Well June is now booked. I kept swearing I would take it easier during the summer but so far it’s not looking like it’s going to go that way! I have less days during the week available for shooting, but I seem to be putting more and more people into each of those days. I’ll never learn!

So we are currently booking for July, and it’s actually about half full at this time. Then of course August will run under the same more limited schedule until the end of the month when we’ll open back up more morning spots during the week.

But for now sessions are Thursday, Saturday, & Sunday only through summer. For July we have 1 Sunday spot left, and 4 Thursday spots. So if you are expecting a new baby or hoping to have any milestones captured in July, please book soon! I hate to turn people away, but if I need to recommend you to another photographer in order to help you, then I will gladly do that!  🙂

It’s almost that time of year… know, the time when you want to melt within 10 minutes of stepping outside?

My last few sessions have all been outdoors, and luckily we’ve had pleasant weather for them all. But oh I can feel it coming…just a few more weeks and it will be miserable out there! I always try to book as few outdoor sessions in the summer as I can, since I know the little ones get flushed and tired out so easily in the heat (and well ok, I do too!). And now that I have my new big studio, well who wants to be out in the heat? 😉

Here are the last few sessions.

This little guy may look familiar…he is just a few blog posts down below with his newborn brother. But this was HIS turn in front of the camera. Doesn’t he look like he should be selling those pants to us? What a model!

And watch out Tiger Woods…this little guy is on your tail!

And this little one was last shared here a year ago, during his newborn session. Now he’s 1 – how time flies!

Mommy Brags and more

I finally managed a very fast session with my own little girl recently – wanted to get those 4 year old photos done before she turned 5! haha

I lucked up and got a great one of both she and my son as well, it was my lucky day.  🙂

and the silly girl

And now on to showing off some other precious little ones!

This little girl was such an angel during her session! She slept perfectly until the end of the session and woke up almost on cue when it was time to be photographed in her pretty purple dress.

And this little cowboy was so so precious. He even conked out at the end of the session so I took advantage of it and got some sweet sleeping photos of him.

And here is one of my baby planners. She is so easy to work with, just sits there and smiles and watches what I’m doing. She’s getting mobile though, so I have a feeling for our next session the chase will be on!