Mommy Brags and more

I finally managed a very fast session with my own little girl recently – wanted to get those 4 year old photos done before she turned 5! haha

I lucked up and got a great one of both she and my son as well, it was my lucky day.  🙂

and the silly girl

And now on to showing off some other precious little ones!

This little girl was such an angel during her session! She slept perfectly until the end of the session and woke up almost on cue when it was time to be photographed in her pretty purple dress.

And this little cowboy was so so precious. He even conked out at the end of the session so I took advantage of it and got some sweet sleeping photos of him.

And here is one of my baby planners. She is so easy to work with, just sits there and smiles and watches what I’m doing. She’s getting mobile though, so I have a feeling for our next session the chase will be on!


9 thoughts on “Mommy Brags and more

  1. You already know I ADORE that pic of the kids!! It is just precious!! I just can’t believe how big our girls are getting to be! Great job!

  2. LOVE the image of the sleeping baby in daddy’s arms. And the boy with the little green cowboy boots- so adorable!! And love the little girl’s smile on that chair. And of course your kids, so cute too! My fave is the one of your daughter sitting on the trunk.

  3. Um.. can someone say 30×40 canvas for that sunset image? Can you photoshop my kids into it? 🙂 it’s beautiful! The client images are stunning as well – you always have such crisp clear portraits!

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