It’s almost that time of year… know, the time when you want to melt within 10 minutes of stepping outside?

My last few sessions have all been outdoors, and luckily we’ve had pleasant weather for them all. But oh I can feel it coming…just a few more weeks and it will be miserable out there! I always try to book as few outdoor sessions in the summer as I can, since I know the little ones get flushed and tired out so easily in the heat (and well ok, I do too!). And now that I have my new big studio, well who wants to be out in the heat? 😉

Here are the last few sessions.

This little guy may look familiar…he is just a few blog posts down below with his newborn brother. But this was HIS turn in front of the camera. Doesn’t he look like he should be selling those pants to us? What a model!

And watch out Tiger Woods…this little guy is on your tail!

And this little one was last shared here a year ago, during his newborn session. Now he’s 1 – how time flies!


8 thoughts on “It’s almost that time of year…

  1. Yay new pictures! These are all so good! The first girl is just gorgeous; the dresses look so great and she looks like a model. The little boy on the porch is adorable and his pose is so cute! And my goodness that baby just makes me want to scoop him up & kiss those chubby one year old cheeks. I’m sure their families are thrilled!

  2. These are great! The girl is beautiful – I love her in the dress by the tree! And the little man with the pant- ADORABLE! Love his golf swing! And who can’t smile at a 1 year old? I agree – time flies by too fast – his parents will be happy they commissioned you for those milestone portraits!

  3. Love these! The senior girl has a beautiful smile. The little guy selling the pants, omg what a cutie!! Love the expression on the last little guy.

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