What a wild week

Well this week didn’t exactly go as planned. With last minute cancellations, reschedules and then of course the INSANE weather, I am trying to get back on track.

Wednesday was wild weather day up here in Watson where I live. A tornado touched down a few streets away, and it seems like many of our neighbors suffered the same damage as we did like water leaking into the house from the roof, roof damage, and water coming in under the walls as well. We were without power from Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning and the area still looks like a war zone. The kids are out of school still since it seems their schools are still without power and were damaged. And to think, they are supposed to be done on Tuesday, but I have a feeling now they’ll be making those days up.

So here are a few recent sessions. The first two are newborns from yesterday, and I’m sure I looked like death warmed over during their sessions after going through a night with no sleep! But luckily the babies slept like little angels which always makes my job so much easier.  🙂

First the “smiley” little angel. He smiled over and over again, just too sweet!

and one more because his smile is so precious:

And the other little guy from yesterday, look at that pretty little pouty mouth he has!

This newborn girl was from last week:

And then a little guy that I photographed as a newborn – 2 years ago. He’s a lot harder to catch now!  🙂


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