Enjoying the slow down

So sessions have been more limited since summer has started and my little ones are home full time. It’s hard to adjust but nice to catch up!

But I have been neglecting the blog, so here are some recent sessions.  🙂

This is one of the little ones on my baby plan. He has the most amazing eye lashes I have ever seen!

A beautiful expecting mama, and a tiny little thing she is too!

And then some adorable twins – they look like Cabbage Patch dolls, I could just eat them up! I shared them last when they were just newborns and now they are 7 months old.



Brother is kind of scrappy, haha – but I’m not sure his sister found it too funny though!


12 thoughts on “Enjoying the slow down

  1. Great images on all of these, I can’t even pick a favorite from each of the sessions. The eyelashes on that first little one you are right. . .wow!! The pregnant mama is just gorgeous! And the twins oh my are they cute or what?!

  2. I want the Cabbage Patch babies!! Total greeting card images, LOL! I’m betting Sister gets her brother back.

    Your maternity client is beautiful. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a tiny, but well-proportioned belly.

    And oh my gosh… the eyes on that first baby are incredible. Have the girls started calling him yet?

  3. all of these are gorgeous! What eyes on that first baby, what a beautiful mommy to be, and I simply adore the cabbage patch babies! So cute!

  4. Absolutely beautiful!!! Your pictures get more and more gorgeous everytime I look! I’m dying to make it back again, I’m so sad that I didn’t last summer.

    If you ever come this way to visit your friend in L.C., please give me a heads up! I’d love to schedule an impromptu session if you had a little time to spare.

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