Three cheers for Cancer Services

Cancer Services of Baton Rouge is a great non-profit organization that provides free services and programs for families affected by cancer. Many of my clients know that my husband has dealt with Hodgkins Lymphoma for a few years, which is how we came to find out about this wonderful organization.

Last night we attended one of their events, “Dream Night at the Zoo.” I can not say enough about how great of an event this was! There was so much for the kids to do, from face paitning, crafts, zoo keepers letting the kids interact with some of the animals, character entertainment and more. Oh and the free stuff just flowed on and on. The kids got loaded up on snoballs, cotton candy, popcorn, and there were also bag lunches and drinks provided (oh yes, goody bags and free t-shirts for the kids too!).

It was almost too much for just a 2 hour event, there was no way we could do everything but we had fun trying!

And if you watched the 10 o’clock news on channel 9, you would have seen my daughter doing this bean bag toss game when they ran their segment about the event. She thinks she’s famous now, haha.

There were clowns from Ringling Bros circus there to perform and mingle…

The kids LOVED the Star Wars characters. We couldn’t get anywhere near this close to Mr. Vader at Disney World when we tried.

One craft was painting flower pots and then planting a flower – this was a big hit!

And of course the lovely fairy…

If you’d like to learn more about Cancer Services, and how you may be able to help, please visit them at:


4 thoughts on “Three cheers for Cancer Services

  1. That is awesome, Kim! I’ll have to get some info on the organzation when we return home from MD Anderson. Frank is having surgery tomorrow to remove the Merkel Cell Carcinoma tumor from his back. Really, really nervous & scared to death. Keep us in your prayers . . .


  2. What an AWESOME organization!! Looks like the kids had so much fun and who can beat free!! Layla looks a tad taller…has she grown?

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