So late with sharing…

These are from last week – I’m sure these moms are anxious!


Little boys…and littler girls

These two little guys came in earlier in the week for their sessions. They were both such good boys and were lots of fun.

This little cutie was so funny playing peek a boo behind his blanket and exploring everything in the studio.

And this handsome guy was a talented little thing! He had tons of musical instruments that he played for me.

And now the little girls! I got to photograph two newborn girls this week, oh I love working with newborns. This first little girl was so funny – she liked to stick her legs straight out, stiff as a board. I think she must have been folded flat in half in mommy’s tummy.

The other little girl I got to photograph belongs to the owners of Sweet Pea’s boutique here in Watson. So of course she had tons of stylin’ accessories!! She was such a cutie, I just adore all her little wild dark hair. So here are a few more than usual sneak peeks for mom (and grandmom!) to enjoy:

Who’s your favorite person in the wooorrrllld?

Don’t be shy!

Ok, so maybe you had to be there…but that really was the hit of the day for these girls. They giggled everytime they sang that song, or mom sang that song…I still need to try it on the other kids I work with to see if it’s half as effective!

So, the photo below has always been the most commented on photo that I’ve ever taken. It was usually in my studio window and anytime it was moved, someone would come in and ask about where it was. People who had no intention of having a portrait session would wander into the studio to look around, just because that photo lured them in. Many moms have hoped to duplicate it – but of course you can’t duplicate such a spontaneous little moment between sisters – which is what it always was!

And almost 2 years later to the day I got to photograph these cuties again. They are even funnier than ever, and you can just tell from being around them and their parents that their house is THE place to be. It’s just so obvious how much they love each other and play together and just let their silliness all hang out.

And along with my rambling, here are way too many photos – I just couldn’t narrow it down any more!

Another kiss –

A big hug…

Some silly faces…

Lots of tickles…

And the best way to end a session in this summer heat!


This is my second time working with this family, and there was a new little addition this time. All of these little ones are so well behaved and a joy to work with. Mom & Dad are something to be praised about because they are obviously doing a great job!

Senior Rep time!

It’s that time of year again – time to start gearing up for senior photos! So that means it’s time for reps for the class of ’09.

What’s a rep? A rep is a senior that helps promote Kimberly Meng photography to their friends and classmates. Why would they do this? Well, for all the cool stuff they get, of course! Reps receive free studio and on location sessions, free wallets, and more! And the more friends you refer, the MORE YOU GET! This is a great opportunity for you to save your parents some cash, and to have some really fun senior images. 🙂

I am taking a very limited number of senior reps on this year. I’ll be looking for someone to represent Live Oak, Denham Springs, and Walker High School. I’ll also be taking a 4th rep from another school – students in East Baton Rouge & Ascension Parish are welcome to apply for the final spot.

Want to apply or just get more info? Email me at

If you’re applying I’ll send you an application to fill out – I want to know about all your school activities, your grades, your social scene and such. Applications will be accepted until August 1st, and then the chosen reps will be posted on the blog along with their own photo submissions of themselves.