Who’s your favorite person in the wooorrrllld?

Don’t be shy!

Ok, so maybe you had to be there…but that really was the hit of the day for these girls. They giggled everytime they sang that song, or mom sang that song…I still need to try it on the other kids I work with to see if it’s half as effective!

So, the photo below has always been the most commented on photo that I’ve ever taken. It was usually in my studio window and anytime it was moved, someone would come in and ask about where it was. People who had no intention of having a portrait session would wander into the studio to look around, just because that photo lured them in. Many moms have hoped to duplicate it – but of course you can’t duplicate such a spontaneous little moment between sisters – which is what it always was!

And almost 2 years later to the day I got to photograph these cuties again. They are even funnier than ever, and you can just tell from being around them and their parents that their house is THE place to be. It’s just so obvious how much they love each other and play together and just let their silliness all hang out.

And along with my rambling, here are way too many photos – I just couldn’t narrow it down any more!

Another kiss –

A big hug…

Some silly faces…

Lots of tickles…

And the best way to end a session in this summer heat!


5 thoughts on “Who’s your favorite person in the wooorrrllld?

  1. I can certainly see why mom would keep bringing them back to you, that first shot is wonderful…simply wonderful and the new images are so so sweet, I can almost hear the giggles.

  2. Okay so firstly they are all amazing. Secondly, the first shot of course is stunning. So much fun in these images but my favourite is the big girl on laughing on her back on the grass, love it!

  3. I find myself just smiling when I go to your site and look at my precious Grands…your photographs really capture their personalities, just as you did two years ago..great job, beautiful subjects…Nana

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