Little boys…and littler girls

These two little guys came in earlier in the week for their sessions. They were both such good boys and were lots of fun.

This little cutie was so funny playing peek a boo behind his blanket and exploring everything in the studio.

And this handsome guy was a talented little thing! He had tons of musical instruments that he played for me.

And now the little girls! I got to photograph two newborn girls this week, oh I love working with newborns. This first little girl was so funny – she liked to stick her legs straight out, stiff as a board. I think she must have been folded flat in half in mommy’s tummy.

The other little girl I got to photograph belongs to the owners of Sweet Pea’s boutique here in Watson. So of course she had tons of stylin’ accessories!! She was such a cutie, I just adore all her little wild dark hair. So here are a few more than usual sneak peeks for mom (and grandmom!) to enjoy:


5 thoughts on “Little boys…and littler girls

  1. There are soo many great images here,but I especially LOVE the newborn with her legs up in the air and the newborn with her hand holding her face..thats great!!

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