Last one before I leave!

Here is a sweet little guy from earlier in the week. He was a great baby!

And now I’m packing my bags getting ready to take off for Fl. Hopefully all of the nasty weather will stay away from us, and from everyone still here in La. 🙂


Lots of cuteness from the weekend

I’m so glad to have girls in the studio again lately! Don’t get me wrong, I adore little boys, but my frilly backdrops and props were starting to get lonely.

Now the bad part about all these cute little girls coming in lately – I think I am getting carried away with the girliness! Someone needs to stop me before I “antique” one more photo. 🙂 I definitely need my vacation to recharge my brain!

So here are the little ones from the weekend. One boy in the bunch!  🙂

See what I mean about antiquing? Somebody stop me before my clients think I’ve lost my mind!

High Stylin’

This little girl has the cutest clothing, and that’s something a clothes obsessed mama like me can appreciate. Her birthday outfit was the most fun I’ve ever seen – look at those shoes!  🙂

And something classic too.

Growing up with a plan!

Here is a little one on my “baby plan.” This is her third session on the plan, and she is ALWAYS such a great baby during her sessions. We’ll be smashing a cake next time!

The baby plan I offer covers four sessions throughout the first year, and also gives you other great perks like print discounts. If you’re interested in more info, please contact me at I only take on a limited number of new babys each month, so spaces are limited.

Just a little reminder for anyone with pending orders

I’ll be going out of town on August 30th to celebrate yet another birthday (I’m turning 29 for the third time, isn’t that exciting??),  and will be back on 9/11. Any order that is placed/paid for by Monday Aug. 18th should arrive before I leave, so I’ll be able to get it to you before I head out.

Any orders that are placed after that date will still be processed and sent to the lab before I leave, but they likely won’t be delivered from the lab until I’ve already gone, so they will not be available for pick up or delivery to you until after I’ve returned.

There will be no way to reach me between 8/30-9/11 as I’ll be dining and sunning on a very large boat with a very large mouse, and frolicking with princesses in front of a big blue castle.  But don’t hesitate to send me an email if you have a question or concern, or need to book a session. I’ll catch up to everything as soon as I return back to the real world!   🙂

When you capture that perfect moment

Ok, so this post most be kinda wordy. I’m going to touch just a little bit on newborn sessions, and why I am always pushing the point of them being so new and sleepy for them. Don’t get me wrong, I love a newborn to be wide eyed and alert, but in those first few weeks of life think about what an awake newborn baby is usually doing…eating, or searching for something to eat! An awake newborn is quite often a fussy or rooting newborn. And that also means they’re usually a squirmy baby too, hands in their face, legs dancing around (which makes those “modest” shots hard to get!).  So that’s why we try so hard to get babies in around a week old. They are still in that little hibernation mode, sleeping most of the time. That means we can curl them up and do all these sweet poses, and mom and dad can snuggle them or hold them easily in their hands without any fear of baby lurching away. Once babies are a few weeks old, the sleepy stages get more and more spaced out. Baby is more likely to be awake (arms and legs a’ moving!) and often times fussy during the session.

Now back to the rarer times when a teeny tiny newborn is awake, and NOT fussing or looking for food. Eye contact is tricky, often times new babies get that cute little cross eyed look when they’re trying to focus, or more often than that they catch the bright light of the studio light (or window) and will stare into that. So it’s a rare treat when a brand new little baby has that peaceful moment of awakeness yet is able to make clear eye contact. And when it does happen – it’s oh so sweet. If only they all did this at least once during their session!

So for all that babble, here is the last little newborn that I photographed, and his perfectly alert little self. He did sleep most of the time, but he had a great little balance of being sleepy and awake and content.

Snakes and snails and puppy dog tails

It’s been allllll boys in my last several sessions – I think it’s been 2 weeks since I photographed a little girl. But with boys this cute, who can complain?

This little guy has visited me before, I also photographed him when he was still in mom’s tummy. Now mom is expecting her second little boy (yes even the not-yet-arrived babies I’m photographing are boys too!):

We were celebrating a birthday this time.  🙂

Oh he’s suuuuch a sweet little thing!

And this little guy had the BEST expressions. I really think he thought I was a little crazy – isn’t that what those eyes are saying?

The tongue was always sticking out too…so cute!