Back to the real world

And really, I like the magical one much better!

We got back Thursday, and later the same day we had refugees (or should I be nice and call them house guests? haha) from Lake Charles who were fleeing Ike arrive to stay with us for a few days. So things have been hectic, but I am slowly getting caught up to everyone that has contacted me while I was out. If you haven’t heard from me yet – I’ll be contacting you soon!

Here are just a few photos from our trip. Everyone was so worried about us being gone during all these crazy storms, but on the day that everyone here back home was sweating with no power and scrambling to find groceries, we were chilling in paradise. No worries for us on our trip…other than some really rocking nights on the ship, it was perfect!

And then over at Disney World it was a ghost town. We walked onto pretty much every ride, rode things over and over, and never had a single drop of rain touch us even though rain was called for everyday. If it rained there, it must have been in another part of the park than we were, because it was great for us. And with my big girl FINALLY being 40″ tall for this trip she got to ride all the big stuff (except the biggest coasters of course…still some growing needed for those!). She rode Splash Mountain, Test track (which she squealed and laughed so loud on during the fast open track sequence) and even the scary Dinosaur ride at Animal Kingdom. I was so proud of my little fearless wonder.

We had a blast at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and she LOVED trick or treating and eating all the great candy.

We can’t wait to go back! Do I have to wait another year? I sure hope not….

Recent session shares are coming soon…so check back!


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