Phone is out!

So I posted that I had phone issues while I was out of town, and it is still ongoing. We picked up a new phone but I am having major issues with it – it’s rattling, won’t stay turned on, and so on. So the phone is going back to be replaced again! I’m sure I’ve missed many calls, but hopefully we will get it straightened out tomorrow and I can fish into my voicemails and start calling everyone back. 🙂


Old files, unordered sessions – cleaning time!

As we start to wrap everything up for the year it’s time again to get the system cleaned out and start out fresh for the new year.

If you have a session that took place and an order was never placed, please note that we can not hold these images indefinitely. All unordered sessions will be purged while we are closed for the holidays (beginning Dec. 18th).  If you have ordered images from your session and are concerned about reprints, rest assured that anything that is ordered is archived for 1 year so they will still be available.

Unfortunately we have had a dozen sessions or so that took place over the year that still remain in the pending status. There are so many sweet first smiles, silly faces and special moments still waiting there, which is why I have held them over for so long. Our policy has always been to hold images for up to 60 days after the session for ordering purposes, and I’ve made every effort to extend that time when needed but we do need to close these files.

Final call for holiday mini sessions!

I’ve had two spots open up for tomorrow’s holiday mini session event. The remaining openings are at 10:25 am, and 11:40am.

If you’d like to get in for holiday images this is the last chance! I’ll be up late editing as usual, so send me an email, or call me tomorrow morning before 9:30 am to grab one.  🙂

Back from L.A., updates

Well I finally made it home late Wednesday night. It’s been non stop since returning, shooting sessions and trying to catch up. If you have an order that was placed and paid for, it is very likely it’s sitting here in boxes! I am going to be packaging up all of the orders that arrived while I was gone and getting them off to clients so they’re in your hands for Thanksgiving.

If you’ve called me over the last week it is VERY likely your message has vanished. Upon arriving in L.A. my phone decided to die completely, I could not even get the battery to charge. I could plug it in and talk, but that was it. I know I got probably a dozen voicemails over the few days I was gone, but we had to get a new phone yesterday and in switching the service over somehow all of those voicemails that were sitting there are gone…can’t locate them at all!!  So if you called between last Thursday and this Wednesday, please call back or send me an email so I can follow up with you.   🙂

Last minute escape, out of the office!

I just found out a few days ago that I was going to have to fly out to L.A. on Saturday. As if that didn’t create enough chaos, I was just informed about an hour ago that now we leave tomorrow, not Saturday as originally planned.

So, I will be out of the office Friday – Wednesday of next week. I should be home late Wednesday night, with everything back to normal on Thursday.

If you’re waiting for proofs or orders, everything is currently still in process right now, and as soon as I get back home I will pick right back up where I left off. I apologize to everyone for this last minute craziness, and thank you all for your patience!

Ahh, holiday madness

Things are really getting busy around the studio as we quickly approach the end of the holiday busy season. Once we have the holiday mini sessions next week, it should be all smooth sailing after that!

In the meantime, here’s some from a couple recent sessions. 🙂

Little Man

Here’s a precious little guy from earlier in the week…a sweet little fall baby. 🙂

And a holiday mini session update! At this time all of the spots on Saturday have been booked. We still have a couple morning openings left for Friday the 21st.

Recent Sessions and Holiday update

The holiday mini session event is booking up fast! This will be the last time to get in for a session for 2008, and also have your portraits and cards back in time for the holidays. We still have some morning sessions remaining for Friday 11/21, and a few afternoon spots left for Saturday the 22nd. If you’d like to book a session for your little ones, please email me at

And now on to some sneak peeks!

This little girl is SO full of personality. I photographed her earlier this year, and it’s amazing how chatty she’s become since then. 🙂