Back from L.A., updates

Well I finally made it home late Wednesday night. It’s been non stop since returning, shooting sessions and trying to catch up. If you have an order that was placed and paid for, it is very likely it’s sitting here in boxes! I am going to be packaging up all of the orders that arrived while I was gone and getting them off to clients so they’re in your hands for Thanksgiving.

If you’ve called me over the last week it is VERY likely your message has vanished. Upon arriving in L.A. my phone decided to die completely, I could not even get the battery to charge. I could plug it in and talk, but that was it. I know I got probably a dozen voicemails over the few days I was gone, but we had to get a new phone yesterday and in switching the service over somehow all of those voicemails that were sitting there are gone…can’t locate them at all!!  So if you called between last Thursday and this Wednesday, please call back or send me an email so I can follow up with you.   🙂


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