Some personal chit chat

I don’t post about personal things very often on the blog, but I had a few clients & friends who knew a bit about my last minute trip to L.A.  a few months ago, and they’ve been waiting on me to share some of the scoop here.

So here it is – my last minute trip to L.A. was for…the Twilight movie premiere! Yes, THE premiere…the one that happened with all the stars, the one that happened days before it opened to the rest of the country. I went along with 3 other girls, none of whom I’d met in person before (and we didn’t even meet until we were in L.A.)  but all of which I consider friends now. We had a blast, something I know was truly once in a lifetime.

I got on a plane for the first time in my life and was spoiled in first class, then was picked up at the airport by my own car & driver (in a Benz, woohoo!) and taken to the Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, right at the foot of Rodeo Drive. We stayed for 5 nights and lived like celebrities for those days, dining at Spago & Koi, jetting around town in the hotel’s provided car (which was sometimes a Rolls Royce!) and a couple nights we had limos. On Monday we were loaded up with borrowed jewels, enough to make me nervous to even walk around in, given professionals to fix our hair & make up, and provided a photographer to snap our photos on the red carpet. It was so crazy being in the middle of it all…very surreal. We walked the red carpet among the stars who were in the movie and got to meet almost all the stars, director, and Stephenie Meyer (who we also saw in the hotel earlier that day while we were in our jammies – eek!). We were briefly interviewed by CBS evening news but it seems we got bumped by a very enthusiastic 13 year old, haha.

After the premiere we got to attend the private after party where we were able to meet and mingle with the stars a bit more. I can’t say enough how nice everyone (almost everyone, lol) is that is involved in this movie. Kellan Lutz (who plays Emmett) was just so easy going and friendly with everyone, as was Peter Facinelli  (Carlisle).  The folks with Summit who sort of led us around that night were all wonderful, as was our host Holly who put up with us the entire trip. Holly works  for Sam’s Club, which is who provided this amazing opportunity to us and I will be *forever* grateful to them – and hey, I just shopped there yesterday, so I really am a customer, haha!

So here are a few of the photos from our amazing night. First the theater where the premiere took place:

Some of the stars we met on the red carpet – this is Jackson Rathbone (Jasper)

Kellan Lutz…sort of “Where’s Waldo” style!

Robert Pattinson (Edward…swoon!). And no I am not trying to climb into his coat and sneak off with him.  🙂

Me & one of the girls on the red carpet

All of our group on the red carpet

Talking to the CBS reporter

The after party – Taylor Lautner (Jacob). He was so adorable!

And Kellan again…just because he’s cute enough he deserves two photos

So that’s my most exciting moment ever! Now back to reality.


Recent Session … from start to finish!

I sometimes get asked what I prefer to photograph, and my answer is always children. But when I say children I mean all ages of children…from the time they are just a few days old, to those seniors who are just about to finish high school, leave home, and all of childhood behind.

So here are two recent sessions that cover both ends. A brand new little boy, and one that’s all grown up.  🙂

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs newborn studio session – Baton Rouge Senior photographer

Easter Mini Sessions booking now!

Spring is almost here and this year we are offering Spring/Easter mini sessions in the studio.

The sessions will take place Friday March 13 & Saturday March 14th. Sessions fees start at $35 and special portrait collections start at $200. For more details, or to book your session email Kimberly at

Kimberly Meng Photography – Spring / Easter Portraits – Denham Springs / Baton Rouge Louisiana

Blog share back up!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Baton Rouge / Denham Springs Louisiana Senior Portrait Photographer

Things have been crazy this last week, so the blog is getting neglected.

A week ago I was shooting a senior downtown (and in the rain, no less), when at the end of our session while we were shooting literally, the last photos of the day, my camera just self destructed. The mirror inside came completely detached and is now free floating around in the camera. So even though I have a back up, my back up isn’t really what I want to use for sessions so we rush ordered a replacement (and an upgrade at that!) that night.

But it still created issues – the new camera wouldn’t arrive for nearly a week so several sessions had to be rescheduled from last week into this week, on top of the sessions I already had for this week. So yes, this week has been nuts! after all of that babble, here is the lovely senior that I was photographing along with the last photo my camera took. I’m sharing several of her because we just did her studio session yesterday, so I’m including a mix from both sessions.

and the last photo of the day (which is putting it mildly, haha!)

Another brand new baby boy

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs – Baton Rouge area newborn baby photographer

I’ve had a lot of newborns in the studio lately, and almost all of them have been little boys. This little man was so precious…I just love how he puckered out those lips in the first photo. 🙂

Adorable little girl

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs – Baton Rouge area baby photographer

This is little “K.” I photographed her when she was just a few days old, and now she is already 4 months! “K” is a member of my baby plan, so that means I get the privilege of photographing her a few times through her first year – aren’t I lucky?? 🙂

I can’t wait until our next session – by then she’ll be sitting, most likely crawling, and I’m sure she’ll be doing it all even cuter than ever!

Recent sessions

Baton Rouge – Denham Springs newborn & baby photographer Kimberly Meng

I’ve had a lot of newborn boys in the studio lately, and here’s one from last week. Look at that smooshy little face!

And here are two little girls I just adore. They’re on my baby plan so I get to photograph them at least two more times this year!

This was their 4 month old session – and it was funny that the little one who didn’t want to sleep during her newborn session actually wanted to sleep this time.  🙂