Blog share back up!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Baton Rouge / Denham Springs Louisiana Senior Portrait Photographer

Things have been crazy this last week, so the blog is getting neglected.

A week ago I was shooting a senior downtown (and in the rain, no less), when at the end of our session while we were shooting literally, the last photos of the day, my camera just self destructed. The mirror inside came completely detached and is now free floating around in the camera. So even though I have a back up, my back up isn’t really what I want to use for sessions so we rush ordered a replacement (and an upgrade at that!) that night.

But it still created issues – the new camera wouldn’t arrive for nearly a week so several sessions had to be rescheduled from last week into this week, on top of the sessions I already had for this week. So yes, this week has been nuts! after all of that babble, here is the lovely senior that I was photographing along with the last photo my camera took. I’m sharing several of her because we just did her studio session yesterday, so I’m including a mix from both sessions.

and the last photo of the day (which is putting it mildly, haha!)


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