Behind on blogging

And this time I can’t seem to help it. I’ve been trying to blog the last couple days but am having issues with either my computer, or where my photos are hosted. I can’t seem to “copy” the link location to put them here to share. No matter how many times I try to copy, when I paste I am instead getting other random text that may have been copied at some point instead of the URLs I need. I can “cut” and paste, but not copy….and the place my images are located doesn’t give me to cut option when I right click.

I think this is another fun Vista bug…ah how I enjoy it. I am hoping this resolves itself soon (rebooting has not helped), otherwise I’ll start pulling my hair out. I’ve got about 8 sessions waiting to be shared.  😦


One thought on “Behind on blogging

  1. I’m so sorry your computer isn’t working, that sucks b/c I was really looking forward to seeing some of my sons pictures. Computers I hate it when they don’t want to do what you want them to do! Well I hope everything gets resolved soon and you can post the pictures.

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