Recent Sessions

Here’s a few from some recent sessions. I’m still behind on blogging but getting caught up!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Baton Rouge – Denham Springs baby & child photographer


Special Summer Mini Session Events

Because these summer months are SO hot down here in Louisiana, I find myself shooting most sessions in the studio. So I thought this would be the perfect time to do something that I’ve wanted to do for years – and that is offer mini sessions for various ages and stages that are so fun to document.

The first mini event we’ll be offering is for the baby crowd that is one of my favorite ages to photograph – and that’s the 6-9 month old babies. This is such a fun stage…from sitting up, to discovering their little toes, and maybe even crawling away – I just adore this age! And it is often times forgotten with many parents doing the newborn sessions then waiting for the 1 year session, so now is the time to get in on a fantastic deal to capture this precious time!

Now even though these will be mini sessions they will be extended minis. So what does that mean? Well, you’ll have 30-45 minutes in the studio for your session, and about 20 proofs to choose from at ordering. We’ll use two backdrops during the session, the simple white, and another of your choice (we will have several options in the studio for you to choose from during your session). Because of the limited time from our normal sessions these sessions will be for the baby only – so no family or sibling shots are offered during the mini. If you would like to include other members of the family in your session, we have openings for regular studio sessions that we would be happy to schedule you for.  🙂

The dates for this event are Saturday & Sunday May 23-24th. The session fee will be $50 and includes an 8×10 of your choice, and all regular prints and collections will be available at 10% off regular pricing. When booking, a deposit of $200 would be due – this will cover your session fee, and you’ll have the other $150 as a print credit for when your order when it’s placed.

Send an email to me at to book your session!

Here are some images of a few 6-9 month old babies that I adore!

I’m still alive

Although I can’t say the same for the blog lately! Between the last minute senior chaos and the broken computer…spring break and my daughter’s birthday, it’s been hectic.

So here are some images from sessions…some recent, some not so recent. 😉

Kimberly Meng Photography – Baton Rouge & Denham Springs newborn baby senior photographer

Computer is back, email problems

Well I got the computer back a few days ago and am playing serious catch up now. However, ever since it’s return it has been sending all of the client inquiries that come through my website into my Spam folder. I’ve been having to check it regularly to shuffle things to my inbox where they belong, but some emails have been accidentally deleted along with real spam – I know I lost at least 1 today.

So, if you’ve sent me a message through my website and not had a reply yet, please resend, or email me directly at


Signing off for …. who knows?

My computer has been dying a slow death all week and last night it finally bit the dust. I can get online but can’t use Photoshop which renders me useless to edit any sessions or process orders for clients. So it is going off to Geek Squad in a few minutes, and I’ll be disconnected.

If you need to contact me please call me at 937-4584 as I will only have email access when I can borrow someone else’s pc. I have no idea when it will be repaired and returned to me, but considering how slammed I am with work right now, I’m praying it’s not for long.