Recent babies

It’s been a month full of little ones! Who can complain about all this cuteness? I love my job.  🙂


A stroll down memory lane…

This is sweet little Avery.  I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph her each year since she was born. She just turned 2 and my goodness, what a beautiful little lady she is turning into! There’s no denying that Avery has always been cute as a button, but I think mom and dad have a serious little beauty on their hands.

This is the best part of my job – watching the teeny little babies that I once held and molded into curly little poses turn into these darling children with their own unique personalities and silly grins (or serious faces in many cases!). One day I’ll be taking their senior pictures and wondering where all the time went. <sniff sniff>

Summer Mini Session event

So I didn’t get to do all of these as planned since we were much busier than I expected this summer. The weather and all of the reschedules due to rain hasn’t helped either!

But I’m offering the last summer mini session event for Saturday August 1st. This event is for the kids that I call the forgotten ones when it comes to having portraits made – and that is school aged children!

When most children start school we usually accept the fall and spring portraits done at school as a way of documenting them over the years. But we all know how cheesy those photos can be – and let’s not get into the lack of choice, in both posing and wardrobe! So now is the time to capture a little more personality from your children. A little sparkle, a giggle, maybe some attitude. Children from kindergarten through high school are welcome to participate in this mini session event.  The session fee will be $50 and includes an 8×10 of your choice, and all regular prints and collections will be available at 10% off regular pricing. When booking, a deposit of $200 would be due – this will cover your session fee, and you’ll have the other $150 as a print credit for when your order is placed.

Send an email to me at to book your session or to get more info on this event!

Just a warning…

…that these babies are so adorable that if you don’t have one of your own right now…you’re going to want one! 🙂 My little ones are far from babies now, so I’m glad I still get to play with other people’s little sweeties!

Look at that funny little tongue!

This little guy had the most beautiful blue eyes. And we also managed to convince mom to take a few with him (thanks Kelly!) and I’m so glad she did because I think they turned out beautiful. I love capturing these connections.  🙂

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs / Baton Rouge baby photographer

Happy Birthday, K!

Well he still has about a week to go until the big O-N-E, but I wanted to share a sneak peek from his birthday session.

First a flashback – last year at a week old:

And all grown up already!

I hope you have a wonderful first birthday!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs baby photographer

Little girls, little girls…

I had a run of little girls about 2 weeks ago, it’s funny how it always happens in groups like that. I’ll get a ton of little boys, or a ton of newborns, and then a ton of little girls. This time they came in all ages from a week old to 5 years. Ahh all the little giggles and attitudes…girls are always fun!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs newborn and child photographer