Contest winner session!

This is little Jack – his mom was the winner of the first blog contest we did a couple weeks ago. I photographed him last when he was around 6 months old, and he is still as cute as ever. I think we even got a few more smiles this time, so mom should be happy!

I know I promised another contest coming up, and this one was such a success that I think I’d like to give away another session. So be on the look out for that within the next 2 days!!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs baby photographer


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Please check back if you’re having trouble reaching the website right now. It seems that our server may be down and we are hoping it will be back up soon!

Congrats to winner 3!

So I was doing a good job of replying to everyone and letting them know if they were not first with the contest, but I am waaay behind now and there were so many responses that I am not going to be able to do that this time. So congrats to the winner, Beth! 9 girls in the photo was correct. If you do not hear from me, then I am so sorry that Beth and her quick fingers beat you with the correct response. 🙂

I will be running another contest within the next couple days – hopefully by Wednesday. So you will have to stay tuned for another chance to win! For now I have to get caught up with my mile long list of emails and a busy afternoon at the studio.

Contest #3!

Get your fingers ready, because the first correct answer wins the prize!

And this time the prize will be a $50 gift certificate to be used towards your photography session – use it for prints, or towards your session fee.  This contest is open to anyone who has yet to schedule an upcoming session for 2009, as well as those who already have one booked for the remainder of the year!

And the question is –

Find the image on the website that has the most people in it.  Now, how many people are in that shot?

Send your answer in through the contact page at

Contest #3 is coming…soon!

I got sidetracked yesterday so the 3rd contest didn’t make it online. But it will come later…today!

For now, here’s a recent newborn. He was 9 days old and oh-so-alert! I photographed his big brother when he was a newborn as well, and big brother is amazing with the new little guy.

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs newborn photographer

Congrats to winner #2

Amanda got the right answer, which was a stuffed monkey.

I am so amazed with how much participation is coming through for these prizes, so stay tuned for another good one sometime later today!

I can’t believe that photo is nearly 2 years old! We had hoped to do another last year but missed the small window of opportunity for the yellow flowers. They only seem to be out for a few weeks in the fall, and we don’t always have a good place to shoot them at  before they’re gone (darn lawnmowers!). I’m trying again this year though.

Give-away #2!

First of all, congrats to Sarah M. for winning the first prize! It was a tight race, but she won by mere minutes with the right answer. I look forward to seeing little Jack again at our session!

And now for everyone else who wants to win some goodies, here we go.  🙂 The prize will be a 16×20 portrait of your choice from your photography session – that’s a $130 value for free!  This contest is open to anyone who has yet to schedule an upcoming session for 2009, as well as those who already have one booked for the remainder of the year.

Please keep in mind that all regular session fees and policies will apply for the session.

The trivia for tonight is an easy one, and a favorite photo of mine (which could have something to do with the subject, haha). And here it is!

Somewhere in the galleries there is a lovely tea party between a girl and her favorite little friend. What/who is the friend?

Send your answer in through the contact page at

and the first correct answer gets the prize!

First give-away!

The first prize I’ll be giving away in our new blog contest is <drumroll please>…a free session!

The session up for grabs is for August 25th at 9:30am, in the studio. This prize is only valid for a new booking, no transferring existing appointments please. Regular print prices and policies will apply, but we’re talking about saving you $95! If you were thinking of booking, this is your chance to save some bucks, and we can all use extra bucks these days.

So how do you win? Be the FIRST person to send in the correct answer, and the appointment is yours! The question is…

how many little ones can you find that are celebrating their 1st birthday in the website galleries?

Use the contact form on the website to send in your answer, and good luck!

Big savings coming soon!

Who doesn’t like free stuff…go ahead raise your hand. Anyone…anyone?

Well alright then, it’s time for some “end of summer” fun! All this week I’ll be posting some great chances to save, and the early bird gets the worm! We’ll have free session fees, gift certificates for free prints, cool free products, and awesome coupons to help you save big on your print orders.

How do you play? Just stay tuned to the blog! I’ll randomly post some trivia questions, the answers for all will be found on the website. The first email to me with the right answer wins the prize.

Good luck…and the first question will be posted later today!