Give-away #2!

First of all, congrats to Sarah M. for winning the first prize! It was a tight race, but she won by mere minutes with the right answer. I look forward to seeing little Jack again at our session!

And now for everyone else who wants to win some goodies, here we go.  🙂 The prize will be a 16×20 portrait of your choice from your photography session – that’s a $130 value for free!  This contest is open to anyone who has yet to schedule an upcoming session for 2009, as well as those who already have one booked for the remainder of the year.

Please keep in mind that all regular session fees and policies will apply for the session.

The trivia for tonight is an easy one, and a favorite photo of mine (which could have something to do with the subject, haha). And here it is!

Somewhere in the galleries there is a lovely tea party between a girl and her favorite little friend. What/who is the friend?

Send your answer in through the contact page at

and the first correct answer gets the prize!


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