Website +1, phone 0

So the good news is that the website is up now (yay!). The bad news – my phone appears to have taken a vacation over the weekend and run away. It is MIA, and tearing up my house and car haven’t turned it up yet.

So if you need me, please email me!

** and go figure, by the time I posted this to the blog, the website has crashed again.  😦


Website down (again!)

I’m not sure what’s going on but the website has been going down lately, and it’s having another round tonight. If you need to contact me, please email me at

2010 Live Oak High School Senior Reps

We finalized all of our reps last week and did one big downtown session on Sunday with them. It was SO hot and muggy and some of the locations had not so pleasant smells (lol) but everyone did so well. I heard no complaints, and was so impressed with what great troopers they all were, especially considering shooting 5 teenagers at one time turned out to be more time consuming than I had planned. Eek.

So here they are!

Kimberly Meng Photography – Denham Springs / Baton Rouge Senior Photographer

Looking for ONE senior rep

We’re looking to take on one more senior rep, from either Live Oak High School or Denham Springs High School. Senior reps get their sessions for free (both studio and on location!), free wallets, and other benefits as well. For more information, or to apply email me at

We are accepting applicants through Friday!

In the meantime, here is a senior rep we have from Live Oak. We have only done his studio session so far, but we have lots more planned for him!

A big girl now!

This is little Bonnie, who I’ve photographed since before she was born. She’s been on the baby plan and we just did her 1 year session. A year just goes by so so fast!

First, a look back:

And now, 1 year old!

A Big Milestone

I thought it was finally time I share some of these images here, since we shot them about 6 weeks ago <yes the photographer’s children are always neglected>.

My daughter and her BFF started kindergarten so we had to mark the occasion! I convinced her friend’s mom to come in from out of town and we did a last minute crash session. And while it was filled with mosquitoes and bribery, the girls still obviously had a good time. And many apples as well!

So here’s a little image overload.  🙂