Curls curls curls!

I got to meet handsome Mr. “E” recently. “E” is a few months shy of turning 4, so I knew this would be fun! This age is full of giggles and silly faces, and he did not disappoint. I make no secret of the fact that if I could freeze my children at any age, it would be 4 years old. That is just the *best* time! Full of personality, always exploring and asking questions…it’s too bad we only get to keep them that way for one short year.

So here he is…head full of beautiful curls and all!



Denham Springs child photographer / Kimberly Meng Photography


5 thoughts on “Curls curls curls!

  1. Hh Emmy! I love this~he is so goregous!! He looks so grown up. Are there any of you and Jeff? Would love to see those. I see your chin in the first pix. But other than your curls, he must look like Jeff. Great job Kimbery! Of course have a gorgeous subject does not hurt…lol.

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