The Blog Has A New Home

It was time to find a new host for the blog. The old one had terrible bugs and there was no customer service available or willing to help with the problems. Anyone that visited my blog on IE knows what was wrong, all the text was HUGE and in caps. How terrible…it looked like I was screaming at everyone all the time!

So alas, I am making the switch. You don’t have to back away from your screen to read the blog now. 😉

The old blog is still here, but all of the old posts have also been moved here to the new blog so you can view them in the archives!


The blog will be moving soon…

I am tired of the issues everyone using Internet Explorer has when viewing my blog, which is the HUGE, all in CAPS text that you are seeing. If you view the blog through another browser (like Firefox) it will look fine, but I know most people browse with ie and have a heck of a time reading the blog because of this bug! And I can’t seem to find any help on the matter, so I am taking the blog elsewhere.

Be on the lookout for the new blog soon!

Some recent favorites

Here’s a little mix from some recent sessions. First, here’s a few of my faves from the second part of my session with this beautiful senior girl:

These cuties kept me on my toes!

And finally what is probably my favorite maternity session to date. This mom to be was beautiful, and came prepared with some great ideas for her session!

Two cute little boys from Saturday

I had lots of fun today, with back to back sessions with cute little boys. This is one of my favorite ages to photograph! 🙂

I photographed this little guy when he was just a few weeks old, you might remember him!

and now!

Can you handle more cuteness? Here’s little guy #2!